Monday, January 28, 2008

Miniatures By Rachel: Tools Needed for Miniature Cake Making

Miniatures By Rachel: Tools Needed for Miniature Cake Making

I first became quite fascinated with Rachel's miniature cakes, pies and tarts when she first had posted in a miniature group we both share membership in. I found her work to be so wonderful and real looking that I immediately found myself hungry and craving sweets.

Rachel's work was published in Dolls House Artisan and since I was not a paying member of the online publication, I was not able to see for myself just what the talk was all about but so soon after she posted that she started her own blog. Rachel R. Pensit: creates cakes in 1:24th, 1:14, half scale, play scale and probably some others. You do not need any special tools and anyone can make it, she says in the online publicized tutorial she wrote for their members. A colored Sharpe marker pen cap is what she uses to cut the small circles she uses to create her cakes and shapes she makes from the metal cutting blade that comes on the boxes of the saran wrap, wax paper and or aluminum foil boxes. She says she bends them into the shapes she needs, like hearts for instance.

She sells her work on Etsy, Piczo, and another site like Etsy called DaWanda. I never asked her just how well any of those sites are doing for her and or her mini bakery business but I can just imagine since I strongly feel who wouldn't want what she creates. If you think your not into dollhouses, room boxes or miniature scenes and do not need any baked creations to fill the shelves or appear to fill the tummies of your dolls, why not try wearing them around your neck, and or dangling from your ears as the sweetest earrings anyone has ever seen. I am even more fascinated by the fact that as yummy as these sweet treats look, you really can say they have zero calories.

I am quite intrigued by Rachel's sweet treats which she fashions by hand and only few tools she herself makes and of course with some polymer clay. Not the polymer clay you bake though, no she uses Air Dry Polymer clay. I have yet to ask her what brand exactly she uses but one day I will. I only know of a two brands and one is not carried here locally in the USA although I am not quite sure Rachel is from here in the USA. Makin's brand air dry clay is a polymer clay, not sure the one she chooses to use though.

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