Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bathroom Aquarium

Something's fishy With this
Bathroom in an Aquarium

"Giving dioramas a whole
new meaning. Something I myself have never before seen, but I am now so very
interested in creating" By Andrea "Cre8"

Miniaturist from Denmark by whom I
only know named Claus with an amazing love and relationship through his live in
mate's daughter Amanda, creates a dollhouse for her to house her dolls and many
miniatures offered by friends and others that were obtained for many different
places. This project which started in 2003 and was completed to where it was
finally suitable to gift in 2004 for Amanda's 8th Birthday a website about the
conception of this wonderful project was born. Named Lykkely with Lykke meaning
happiness in Danish, also Amanda's middle name, used in conjunction with
Ly, meaning "shelter" in Danish at the recommendation of Claus's mother.
Translating into "Shelter of Happiness".

Within the links of other projects
Claus has posted within Lykkely this fascinating underwater lavatory complete
with all the things one might find aside from magazines to read while waiting to
do their business. Now of course your probably saying to yourself, "what do fish
need magazines for, they can not read anyway"? To this I have to laugh since
they would not need the modern comforts of a bathroom complete with bathtub,
vanity, sink, toilet, towels, bath matt, waste basket, electric shaver, sail
boat, furnace, and bath and beauty products either, but this place has it all.
The plant I find to be a required element added, it brings oxygen into the tank
and makes the tank more environmentally beneficial to the fish.

All sorts of idea had popped into my
mind after seeing this thing. Being an animal lover of all creatures, fury and
scaled alike, I wonder now how I can myself build something that would be fish
safe or even reptile friendly and at the same time be more than just a place my
tank-able friends could safely reside in. Heck, I don't think I was interested
in fish before now. One thing I am thinking is that Japanese fighting fish
(Betas) and gold fish are fish that normally do not even require filtration or
aeration in the tank, making the project even more of something I think I could
achieve. I would just have to seek out ways like Claus had while on bunch breaks
and other times in-between when there was nothing to do back in the early 1980's
when he worked for a company that made scale models.

Using Plexiglas he heats up to bend,
and then paints to resemble the towels, mats and even water in the bath tub, he
was able to create this apparently fish friendly environment for finned friends
to swim around in. I am sure while he does mention that it seems to not bring
harm to the fish, that whatever paint and or glues he used were both non-toxic
and water proof.

Above Claus and His Friend Amanda "Lykke",
shown with the dollhouse he made for her and gave to her for her 8th Birthday.

See more of Claus's Bathroom Aquarium
as well as look at the wonderful project he affectionately named Lykkely

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