Saturday, December 29, 2007

Carol Duvall Show - Crafts : Show : Home & Garden Television

Carol Duvall Show - Crafts : Show : Home & Garden Television

If you love Carol Duvall like I do you might want to watch these 15 videos from her online.

Paper crafting with Carol. Check it out!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crafts : Figures : Bobble Head : Home & Garden Television

Crafts : Figures : Bobble Head : Home & Garden Television

Increddible Bobble Head tutorial. Make your own Bobble Head of yourself, a friend, family member or why not even try one of your pets. Step-by-step, seems quite easy to do.

Maybe replace the use of polymer clay with air dry clay to make it easier for hallowing out the head to balance on the neck spring.

This guy makes these things and sells them personalized to anyone who desired to have one for $200 each. Not bad to have something personalized like that. I always wondered how I could get my own head on a doll or bobble LOL


Andrea "Cre8"

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On The Workbench - Or, what I have been up to lately

On The Workench - Or, what I have been up to lately
Fillagree Ornament Tutorial

A nice short easy to create ornament tutorial.

Looks like something you can use any time of the year.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RE: [OOAKbabysculpters] Etsy Now Has a Miniatures Category!!

I do agree about the economy Barb, certainly nothing to write home about. It is showing with everyone I know, not just those of us who sell crafts. Even those who sell new items and items which normally had done very well for them in the past.
I just pray the new year brings prosperity for all.
Also note, Etsy is not the only online place in which artists can sell their creations. There are several more I found but since I do not get paid to advertise for them and they do charge a monthly fee for membership I do not mention or link to them. Being that I support Handmade which you can find their banners on my website you can click and go to their website and see many they list to. One I found which is $10 a month does all the work for you and you keep 80% of the profits. They even take calls from your customers which I did not read on but I do not agree with. I think your business should be as personal as the things you create.
Its a bonus to my customers when they can talk with me (the artist) live. Course now if your busy and sell that much you cant spend time with your customers and think it will help and not hinder your business, go for it.
 -----Original Message-----

you are right Ebay limits it to 10 days, but I do like the auction style they have. I hope that Etsy does get more  popular Ebay needs more competition . When I get confident enough to do BIN or set a certain price for my babies I may list one there to see how it goes Ebay kind of stinks right now with the economy so bad



Making Memories® Embellishment Center & Desktop Carousel

Making Memories® Embellishment Center & Desktop Carousel

For my USA and Canada friends and readers (As Michael's is only in US and Canada) other do read on on as the same can be made if your handy with wood and or know someone who is....

I had to tell you about this since I just now got word of it and think its a very nice way to display your craft materials and supplies while keeping them where they can be seen in a nice organized way. I am all about organization and keeping things in sight so they can be used, I have learned the hard way from my past ways and don't want you all to follow in my old footsteps.

I did not yet find out the price and know I probably could not afford to get one even for myself this year, but if I could I would purchase one for all my crafty friends. Since I can not though, I thought why not at least let you all know about it so if you have those last minute lists for Santa you can add it, and or maybe the handyman in your life can make you one similar. It looks rather easy.

I have a few shadow boxes I already use in my work studio and aside from the dowel that holds rolls of craft ribbon which I don't have, everything else is pretty much the same less the decorative molding along the top. I have no troubles finding what I need and things now are actually being used while at the same time I am not running out for things I could have swore I already had but could not find and yet have that project that still requires it. So out to the store to spend more money to get whatever it is again. Don't you know I always find the ones I already thought I had once I have already gone out to get more!

My resolution for the new year is to be even more organized than I already am and to use up lots of the clay and other craft items I have laying around for that "Need it one day" situation BEFORE THEY ALL DRY OUT and get WASTED. I say the days are coming in the New Year, and 2008 is going to be a Craftabulous Year!!!(do not seek a definition this is a Cre8 Cre8ted word!!!)

Enjoy the holiday and the information. You get it at Michael's Crafts or make one yourself!
Oh yeah and carousel is also a nice way to keep you clay sculpting and other tools you need to keep handy. If you have a Lazy Suzan and some time, some cardboard roll tubes from toilet paper or even paper towels you can make your own!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Handmade 2.0 - New York Times

Handmade 2.0 - New York Times

TinyCrafts has this logo in support of the HANDMADE brigade!!!

Support Handmade

Read the story from here. See how Etsy in only 2 years has grown from others who sell handmade items, not advertising.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Credit cards lose their stand to PayPal

Credit cards lose their stand to PayPal
Internet-based payment services are gaining in popularity, capitalizing on the fear of identity theft and payment fraud with internet shoppers.
Article By Andrea Herrera

Playing the part of payment collector is eBay's PayPal. Companies like Gateway and Dell who typically lets customers purchase computers with their Visa or MasterCard credit cards. But with this new service, all payments go through a PayPal account.

"People are always seeking ways and means of using different payment options, especially when making purchases online. Looking at this one in particular opened up a lot of opportunities," as was said by Dell's own marketing director David Clifton.

An easier way to pay PayPal's payment service is more than likely to show up on a lot of unexpected and unusual web sites this holiday season. In mid-November, tools were released by PayPal that allow online shoppers to use its service nearly everywhere online, even in situations in which the online merchant does not accept PayPal. Internet shoppers can now download a tool bar that will allow them use of a temporary MasterCard number when making their transaction(s). Payments are then withdrawn from the user's PayPal-linked credit card or bank account. Payment is then processed through PayPal and the merchant never sees the buyers original account details. The system is designed to guard against identity theft and credit card fraud.

Senior director of financial products at ebay, Chris George says, "PayPal is the safest way to pay online because we don't share your financial information".

Friday, December 14, 2007

Polymeri Online - I have been Blogged!!! 12/13/07

I just received this message from a member from in another group I am in. I am in shock and am so happy to.

Check it out.

Hi Andrea,

congratulations for being blogged on Polymeri Online!
In case you did not see it yet:

Have a nice Christmas time everybody

Mini Clayful ~Hugs~ Andrea "Cre8"
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