Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RE: [OOAKbabysculpters] Etsy Now Has a Miniatures Category!!

I do agree about the economy Barb, certainly nothing to write home about. It is showing with everyone I know, not just those of us who sell crafts. Even those who sell new items and items which normally had done very well for them in the past.
I just pray the new year brings prosperity for all.
Also note, Etsy is not the only online place in which artists can sell their creations. There are several more I found but since I do not get paid to advertise for them and they do charge a monthly fee for membership I do not mention or link to them. Being that I support Handmade which you can find their banners on my website you can click and go to their website and see many they list to. One I found which is $10 a month does all the work for you and you keep 80% of the profits. They even take calls from your customers which I did not read on but I do not agree with. I think your business should be as personal as the things you create.
Its a bonus to my customers when they can talk with me (the artist) live. Course now if your busy and sell that much you cant spend time with your customers and think it will help and not hinder your business, go for it.
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you are right Ebay limits it to 10 days, but I do like the auction style they have. I hope that Etsy does get more  popular Ebay needs more competition . When I get confident enough to do BIN or set a certain price for my babies I may list one there to see how it goes Ebay kind of stinks right now with the economy so bad



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