Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Making Dolls House Miniatures

Making Dolls House Miniatures

Definitely a blog to see. So many wonderful free and very useful miniatures for you. Each post is a Free Mini Printable or a quite useful How to. There is even Free 12th scale crochet and knitting patterns.

Sue Whittick, is very creative and has the ability to entertain with her blog has certainly shown its worth to my desires as an online viewer of blogs and great websites. Certainly worthy of the mention and link back to her.

Monday, April 14, 2008

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Orphan Works legislation

Through some friendly sources I have just been turned on to a story that is certainly worth the lengthy read. Mind Your Business: You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art, certainly caught my attention. As an Artist how could it have not?!!!

I worry about what I put out there knowing it can and or will eventually be taken. Having been a victim its sad to know that with all the art out there a large portion of it if only self proclaimed to be copyright and yet it has not been legally registered as such is not and will not be a legal infringement if used in any way by another then the creator with or without permission.

Not sure if this is true or legal. Imagine of all the artists in the USA and all the art, the copyright office would have to be bigger than the IRS to keep track of it all. Why is it also that on the internet there are sites claiming that with the addition of just 1 of their banners on your site they are registering all content on your site and that you post to your site?

Its a few pages long, but the guy took the time to write it, I agree it is really worth the time it will take to read it. Animation World Magazine

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Beaded Art Dolls Group: 2008 Face Pin Mini Challenge

Beaded Art Dolls Group: 2008 Face Pin Mini Challenge
These simply are amazing! The face has always been a fascination for me to sculpt. I am so much the perfectionist when it comes to making faced with clay. This seeing this was truly a treat. Some of them are images of the face and not necessarily a sculpted face but still quite the attention grabber.