Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lgdesigns’s Weblog

Lgdesigns’s Weblog

Wonderfully creative artist adds a link to my website and asks me if its ok LOL I am honored!

I have to say though she has these images on a rotating slide show widget of the 1st snow where she is and they are COOL to say the least, such a thick pretty white covering all over everything. There is what I thought was a wooly sheep sitting outside of a door but I think its a dog with lots of snow covering his hopefully thick fur coat.

Its refreshing to see the foggy yet warm looking banner across the top of her themed blog, and then to see the cold bitter looking snow covered truck and other things from her shared images of the 1st snow of the year for her. I hope her creative claying is not effected by the cold. Here where I am in Florida its a welcomed blessing.

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