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Jane Zhao Rose Tutorial & Spotted Lily Petal Cane NOW ON DVD!!!

The very 1st real (beautiful) flower cane I ever made was a rose cane I made thanks to my good friend Jane Zhao. She is a member of my polymer clay guild and was teaching a class on a night I had planned on driving up and sitting in on the guild meeting to see how it was. Since I live far away from where the meetings were held and far from where Jane lives here in Florida as well as where she is willing to travel to teach I thought it a great opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do both. I was taking a class from Jane live on how to make a rose cane from polymer clay. I brought in just the materials she requested, the colors were up to me what I chose and I beautiful rose cane was born, one of which I still have quite a bit of and use in my beads quite often thanks to the methods Jane has taught me.
Jane has just come out with two videos on making her canes. I hope they are just a coupe of more from her to come. She is such a wonderful teacher even though she herself thinks her English is not as good because she is Chinese.
Jane's Rose Cane making video is Two hours worth of making two (2) types of the rose cane.  She shows you how to reduce the cane for cutting and slicing into beads for a nice necklace she shows how you can make. She makes beads and shows you how you can roll your own beads by hand without using a machine, how to pierce the beads to make holes in them for stringing and how to use up some scrap clay as well as some other nice things like the skinner blend, using the pasta machine, a nice blend of clay for making a nice clear translucent clay and more. Its  $39.99 and can be purchased through her website or at Polymer Clay Productions as they were the ones who helped her make the videos.
The Lily Flower Cane making video is 1 Hour of her showing you how to make a skinner blend, a skinner plug, two type of lily petals small and large, her way of reducing canes, using the pasta machine, fan folding clay, creating lily flower pendent, pin or one that's both a pendent and a pin using different findings, as well as how to make and place an eye pin in the clay, enforce the clay to make jewelry items that wont break etc.. This Spotted Lily Petal cane, Spotted Lily flower and Spotted Lily Jewelry was in the Spring Edition of the 2007 PolymerCAFE' Magazine Vol. 5 No.2. Jane was featured in this magazine along with Charlene A. Therien who made a beautiful Calalily flower cane tutorial and many other nice project how tos are in there as well. The video is only 29.99.
So if you make your own beads and jewelry items and want to learn her methods you now can in your very own living room with Jane on these DVD videos.
Jane Zhao is from Shanghai China and there she was a Chinese landscape artist. When she came here to the US she was not able to do her landscape paintings but instead found polymer clay. A new world was opened up to Jane and she continues to use polymer clay as a way of transforming the same concepts she learned with painting into her wonderful polymer clay canes of flowers, butterflies, fish, leaves, feathers and many other wonderful things. Jane is also a certified Instructor for Donna Dewberry, Bob Ross Certified and also Studio By Sculpey Certified to Teach and Certify others.
 I do her website and she has been such a good customer always providing me with her products she sells like her wonderful wet dry color coded micro fiber sandpaper set. I got one of her most beautiful and should be famous for polymer clay beaded watch band watches along with a matching set of earrings. She made me another set of earrings that matched my website and I have a painting by her that was one that got her certified in Bob Ross oil painting. She is a wonderful artist but when it comes to polymer clay canes and replicating images in them she is a master and will take any image and make it into a clay cane.
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